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Do you remember...


The first one.

You know, THE cake that got you started. :) 

That first one that you now are looking back with nostalgia and a bit of embarrassment.

The one with the not-so-straight edges and the bumpy fondant. ;)

But Hey!

Everyone liked it! :)

They even kept telling you that

you should actually start a cake business!


So you jumped on the internet watching heaps of tutorials perfecting your skills.

You had the basic tools but hey...

If you wanted to be a pro, you had to invest, right?

And so you did.

There came more supplies, paid tutorials, quality ingredients, countless cookie cutters (you can NEVER have enough) and then that awesome mixer from the hubby for Christmas.

Better oven, bigger fridge...

Along with that, there came the first "real" customers.

Ok, it was just a friend, and you just started and you were just practicing actually... so you didn't really dare to ask for too much.


Naah...You didn't want them to think that you ONLY do it for the money...

You guesstimated a price that later you realised might have covered maybe the cost of the ingredients.

Well, maybe 80% of it.

But you already had flour and eggs in the house anyway.

No big deal.

To make sure they would be satisfied, you went shopping for that Belgian chocolate.

Ah, and that awesome cutter - only to realise it was part of a set that costed 3 times as much.

But you are gonna use it later that you are in the cake biz.

Of course you promised to deliver the cake yourself because you were happy to go the extra mile... or 10!

But they liked it, so you were happy!

So you were now a real cake-business-woman.

And then your friends referred their friends and then the relatives because your cakes were so good and you were so nice.

....... and you were sooo CHEAP!

Yeah, its feels so bad to read, right?

No one wants to be the cheaper option instead of the better option.

You make awesome cakes, no doubt about that.

You use quality ingredients and they look fantastic.

You are licensed and you even advertise yourself.

You wake up in the wee hours of morning and start baking cakes, and finish cleaning up the kitchen in the dead of night.

But hand to heart…

Are you making enough money on your cakes?

Stop reading here, if you think your prices are OK.

If not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you always end up underpricing your cakes?
  • Have you ever had a rant about cheapskate customers in your caker Facebook group?
  • Do you ask yourself how come some cake businesses are thriving and some are struggling?
  • Has it ever happened to you that after negotiation with a customer you felt confused, drained, even humiliated by a customer trying to argue for a lower price even saying “I can get this cheaper elsewhere”?
  • Are you afraid of losing out on business pricing your cakes high, but then when you lower your prices in the hope to get more customers, you actually don’t get more customers just LESS PROFIT?
  • Have you even considered giving up your business even though your cakes are awesome, but you feel like a complete failure in business?

Does it have to be like this?

Absolutely NOT!

If happily counting extra profit dollars month after month sounds like a distant dream for you you will absolutely love THIS:

We have worked years on finding out every single aspect of correct cake pricing and eventually we managed to crack the code to perfect cake pricing and stuffed all this info into our guide

“How Much Would You Charge For This”


With the help of this fantastic pricing guide you will NEVER under price your cake AGAIN!

    • NEVER underprice your cake AGAIN!
    • NEVER get cheapskates get to you!
    • NEVER invest your own money or worse, ask your hubby for money to spend on cake supplies!
    • NEVER have to say I’m JUST a hobby baker.
    • NEVER get frustrated having to rant in Facebook groups!
    • NEVER feel pain when your read KNOW YOUR VALUE, thinking ITS EASY TO SAY...
    • NEVER consider giving up your cake business again!

Get the ULTIMATE CAKE PRICING GUIDE and Feel confident when giving quotes!

    • Feel confident when giving quotes!
    • Have the luxury to turn down negotiators KNOWING that you're attracting high end customers.
    • Say "I am a professional cake decorator. I own a cake business!" - MEAN IT, FEEL LIKE IT!
    • Just smile calmly when you read rants in Facebook groups and be the expert GIVING advice. Or not. Your choice! :)
    • KNOW YOUR VALUE and GET your value!
    • Imagine having a THRIVING CAKE BUSINESS!
    • GET PAID every single time, even BEFORE you start to make a cake!
    • Not only break even but be financially independent and finally being the one BUYING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS of the PROFIT OF YOUR OWN CAKE BUSINESS!


It's still not too late to start charging for profit and make hundreds or even thousands more profit this year!

Catherine KilbyWhip It Cakery

My first thought was when I've seen the price of the Ultimate Pricing Guide is "No. I can't afford this." But it immediately struck me: THIS is exactly why I desperately need this. I was thinking if I could make just 10 more dollars on every cake I make, I'd be break even in a couple of days! Guess what? I've made the price of the guide on my FIRST!! wedding cake! Thank you so much!