Our Top 5 Cake Apps

The Top 5 Cake Apps

The Top 5 Cake Apps

Apps, so many of us use them these days, but’s what’s out there for the cake decorator? Using apps is fast becoming an easy, convenient way to help you learn new skills, price your cakes and even work out how much ganache to use. So here you have them, our top 5 apps for cake decorators (and one for the kids )


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Brand new onto the market, this is a steal at $1.29 As bakers are aware, converting pounds to cups isn’t simple maths – it varies by ingredient. This app converts common baking ingredients between volume and weight units plus you can add your own too.
The app is intuitive enough to not need any instructions. Tap the units to choose between volume (teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, fluid oz, millilitres, litres, quarts) and weight (ounces, pounds, grams, kilograms). Tap the ingredient to get a searchable list of choices with preset volume/weight ratios. Categories include flours, sugars, oil and shortening, syrups, dry goods, dairy, and produce, each with several items. If you can't find an item you want, you can add it in and set the ratio. Available for iOS, no Android version at the time of writing.

The CakeUlator

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Sick of trying to calculate how much you should be charging for your cakes? Well, using the The CakeUlator it’s all done for you.
The CakeUlator will let you accurately price and quote for your cakes in just minutes. It’s perfect for anyone in business, or for someone who wants cake costing / budgeting help. Never undercharge for your cakes again. Slightly more pricey at $6.49 Available for iOS and Android.


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Ever wanted to know exactly how much buttercream, ganache or fondant you need to fill, coat or cover your cakes, Well thanks to this handy app you will. Working in either centimetres or inches, the GanacheUlator+ will give you accurate quantities in 3 easy steps. Towards the more expensive end at $3.79 Available for iOS, no Android version at the time of writing.

iHandy Carpenter


You simply can’t go past this one. This tool is not only great for the handyman; it’s great for us decorators too. Very accurate and easy to use, all you need to do is put down a sheet of plastic wrap on top of your cake then use then use the app to see if your cake is level. Cheaper than buying a level from the hardware store. This is priced at $2.49 Available for iOS and Android.

Cake Doodle

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This app has to be the cutest of them all. This interactive iPad app is for children and is a great way to get your kids interested in baking and decorating cakes without the mess ! Great graphics, easy to use and so much fun. From baking to decorating this isn’t to be missed for young children. If only cake decorating and baking was actually this easy. Priced at $1.29 it’s also very reasonable. Available for iOS, no Android version at the time of writing.
To check out Cake Doodle on you tube click HERE

Please note, these prices are all $AUS and the iOS links are to the Australian Apple App store.

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