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Do you want to turn your cake decorating passion into a career that you love?

Well... maybe you can...

I have pulled together every ounce of experience that I have had running a cake business and with all the little secret nuggets of information that I have been privy to over the years, including all the lessons that I learnt the hard way (so you don’t have to).

Start Your Cake Business shares all of my experiences and processes, including marketing and business strategies, to help you create a career from a passion.

I have put together a 4 week course where you will work through 8 video modules, and the most comprehensive workbook that you could ever imagine. Giving you every resource that you could need in getting your cake business from pipe dream, to profitable career. You will also be able to join our exclusive Facebook group for SYCB course attendees only!

In a class I used to run with two other decorators about business basics, I noticed that there were two types of people who wanted to run a decorating business.

There were those who wanted a business. A real business that could raise a family and pay the mortgage and then there were those who loved making cakes but just wanted to have what I call a “profitable hobby”. After all a hobby is even more fun when it doesn’t cost you anything to enjoy and perhaps even puts some extra money in your pocket.

This course is however far more than a checklist of things you need to do to start your business. (Although you are going to get that too)

This is a course that will take you on a journey, address your fears and motivations so you have a clear picture of what you want your business to be.

It will equip you with the skills needed to run not just to sell cakes but to run a successful, profitable business. The information I am going to give you will help you no matter where you are in the world and even if you run a completely different business!! The tips and tricks I am going to give you are going get you in the right mindset to be a successful business owner.

This course is suitable for you no matter where you are in the world. Whilst resources are given, many of them are online resources and we have provided regulatory links for Australia, USA and UK. Most of the information however is valuable insights, business advice and tools that are applicable to anyone working in a home based creative business ANYWHERE in the world.

In this 4 week course, I take you by the hand and walk you step by step through all of the basics to ensure you are set up to achieve whatever your cake business dream may be.

What’s Included?

  1. The course consists of 8 video modules, so we can get right into the nitty gritty. These will be inside a private membership site for you to access along with all your course materials.
  2. In addition you will receive an additional 12 modules in your workbook. Packed with information to make sure you are on the path to success.That is 20 modules of information all together covering everything, and with each chapter you receive workbook questions to help you work through the material. Once you have worked through the material, your answers will form the basis for both your Business AND Marketing plans.
  3. You will also receive a Business and Marketing forms pack with over 15 customizable forms for you to use in your own business, covering everything from marketing newsletters to client contact sheets.
  4. And a Vendor guide to give you all the best places to get your websites, logos, accounting software, stationery and more
  5. You also have access to 6 recorded webinars with Louise and other cake decorators such as Handi Mulyana of Handi’s Cakes and Mignon Daymond from Cakeface where we dive deeper into just what it takes to run a successful cake business.
  6. You will be able to join our exclusive Facebook group where you will be able to network with like minded decorators and have direct access to Louise to ask your questions.
  7. PLUS you will also be able to access interviews with other experts to help you along your journey. For example, have you always wanted to know just where you stand with copyright law? Well check out our interview with laywer Helen Duckham. Or do you want to know how the Law of Attraction can help you in your business? We have that covered too as well as more topics to help you on your journey.

Best of all, you can work through the course at your own pace and refer back to the modules when you need to.

Here’s what you will get with each module of Start Your Cake Business

Video Modules

  • Video 1: The Successful Business OwnerLet’s figure out together, what exactly a business is and what it takes to run one. It sounds all very simple but this is where I see most businesses go wrong.With your workbook supplied in the course, we will figure out just what your objectives are and set you on the right course to achieve them.
  • Video 2: Guiding Questions Just how do you stay on track in your business and make the right decisions, so that your profit stays where you want it. In your pocket!
  • Video 3: Business Basics- Research and Regulations Now you know what you want, how on earth do you wade through all information out there and figure out just how to make it happen! And I am not talking about baking! I want to give you the low down on all the business requirements you need.
  • Video 4: Business Basics – Insurance, Legal and Accounting Yep, you gotta do it and know about it!
  • Video 5: Marketing and Targeting Targeting the clients that you want to deal with. Lets face it, you can’t please everyone all of time. (or so my mother told me!) But you can target just the clients that you want to do business with, so you get to make more of the cakes and the profit that you want.
  • Video 6: Social Media How do you leverage this tool that allows you to target thousands of potential customers in your local area……for FREE!
  • Video 7: Pricing and Client Management Now this is the biggie. If I get asked about anything, it is this. Pricing. Lets figure it out for once and for all. And just how do you explain why your cakes are worth just a little more than the ones on the shelves at the supermarket.
  • Video 8: Creating a business and a life that you LOVE! In this final module we celebrate our successes and talk about how to keep the momentum going.

In addition to the 8 video modules, 4 webinar recordings, bonus interview recordings, comprehensive ebook and resource guide you will receive

  • A Business and Marketing forms pack with over 15 customizable forms for you to use in your own business, covering everything from marketing newsletters to client contact sheets.
  • Vendor guide to give you all the best places to get your websites, logos, accounting software, printables and more

But wait there’s more! Its not just about cake!

You will receive in addition to all of the above, a selection of interviews Louise has done with experts from other industries to help you take your business to the next level and give you a broad cross section of business people and perhaps some new ideas outside cake world.

For $197 you will receive a comprehensive course giving you all the tools to get you started and potentially save yourself hundreds of hours to get your business started. Plus you will receive the additional courses to give you the edge to market your business as effectively as you can.

Please not if you are located in Australia you will be charged GST of the purchase price.

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“Thank you for providing this course. Not only has it given me the knowledge and skills to know the in’s and outs of opening a business, It has given me the confidence, as a single mum also, to make my dreams become reality . With the valued information you have provided I have been able to get the green light to open my own home based business. Im still in the process of obtaining my food licence, but with out this course I still would be thinking about it and not have been pro-active to go out and do it on my own. This course has been worth every cent.”

Rebecca Doherty

“Hi Louise, Just wanted to say how invaluable your Start Your Cake Business was to me in my new venture, you answered so many questions took away so many fears and alleviated so many of my doubts…gave me the strength to move forward…not too mention how to deal with my fears and cope with these…thankyou so much, it was so nice to interact with other members in the same boat in the Facebook group as myself. I can’t wait to take the plunge and it’s all to you…so a huge thankyou….”

Tracey - Jabelles Cakes

Quotes from the Author

When writing this course, I wanted to make sure that you had everything I could possibly give you to make sure your business was a success. From marketing and social media templates, to the critical pricing and profit chapters. We even cover how to get the confidence to take the first steps and as you grow how to get the essential mindset for a successful business owner....

Louise Vansleve founder and ex-owner of Learn Cake Decorating Online

"Start Your Cake Business is the easiest way to get started with all the right information and marketing know how..."

If you are not completely impressed with Start Your Cake Business, let us know within the first 30 days and we'll give you all your money back.

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