Under The Sea - 25 Of The Most Amazing Fish Cakes And Seafood Cakes

When you hear seafood you don't immediately think: cake

Fish cake is a savoury dish at best. I wonder what would come into your mind once you check out these incredible creations! Browse our gallery for the most amazing sea world inspired cakes like this awesome shark cake, as well as jellyfish cake, lion fish cake, octopus cake, what's more, black mussels and siamese fighting fish cake. Would you have ever supposed that such cake decorating treasures lie at the bottom of the sea, or swim or float for that matter...

Myrtle the Mermaid Cake by Rhu Strand

Myrtle the Mermaid Cake by Rhu Strand

Half Human - Half Fish Cake

This incredible mermaid themed wedding cake won First In Class Gold Award at Cake International 2016 London. If you want to know the secrets behind this amazing cake read the interview with it's creator, the airbrush fairy, Claire Anderson. She talks about the design, the making of the cake and also has a couple of motivating words of wisdom to aspiring cake decorators, cake contestants. 
Oh, and if you want to master your mermaid making skills, then you can have an online private class on how to make the award-winning design Myrtle the Mermaid with the funny and fabulous Rhu Strand.

Fish Cake Tutorials

Scroll down to watch a FREE fish cake tutorial. I'm sure you are like me and you like to listen to music while caking, so just click on the Ariel The Little Mermaid original soundtrack video at the bottom of the page. Let the beach ... umm... sea party begin!  

Shark Shaped Fish Cake by Eat Cake

Shark Shaped Cake by Eat Cake

Nemo The Fish Cake by The Cake Barn

Nemo The Fish Cake by The Cake Barn

Jelly Fish Cake by Timbo Sullivan

Jellyfish Cake by Timbo

Lion Fish Cake by Cake by Timbo

Edible Lion Fish by Timbo

Koi Fish Cake by Timbo Sullivan

Koifish Cake by Timbo Sullivan

Seahorse Fish Cake by Timbo Sullivan

Seahorse Cake

Siamese Fighting Fish Cake by Timbo Sullivan

Siamese Fighting Fish Carved Cakes by Timbo

Seaworld Cake by Timbo Sullivan

Seaworld Cake by Savenko Sugar Art

Fish Cake with Piano

Eclectic Fish Hobby Themed Cake by Rosebud Cakes

Making Your Own Fish Cake

If you got so inspired that you can hardly hold yourself back from making your own under the sea themed cake, then this fish cake is the perfect cake to start with. As its actually only 2D, it's an easy-to-carve cake, so even if you are not confident with your carving skills, you can still nail this sea themed cake with the help of cakedarla's video tutorial.

Thousand Fish Cake

Amazing Underwater Cake by Rosebud Cakes

This is not a fish cake, but a coral cake

Blue Coral Cake by Rosebud Cakes

Submarine Lampion Fish Cake

Submarine Lampion Fish Cake by Sweet Disposition Cakes

Beach sand and seashells in a bucket cake

Beach Sand Snd Seashells In A Bucket Cake By Andrea's Sweetcakes

Star Fish Cake

Dancing Starfish Cake by Andrea's Sweetcakes

Diver and corals Cake by Mira que tarta

Diver And Corals Cake by Mira Que Tarta

Octopus cake

Octopus Cake by Callicious Cakes

Black Mussels in a Pot Cake

Black Mussels in a Pot Cake by Callicious Cakes

Sea Urchin Cake

Sea Urchin Cake by Weddingplans

Seashell and Star Fish Themed Cake

Seashell and Star Fish Themed Cake by Lit'l D Cakes & Cupcakes

Simple buttercream filled seashell biscuits with sugar pearl inside

Simple Buttercream Filled Seashell Biscuits With Sugar Pearl Inside By DIYLouisville

Fish scale cake

Fish Scale Cake by My Little Angel Decorations

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