New Member Tutorials and a Peek Behind the Scenes!

Peek Behind the Scenes

Peek Behind the Scenes

We always get a bit excited at the start of the month here at LCDO HQ. We have always been super busy getting out new tutorials ready for you in the week leading up to the 1st of the month, editing video, getting ebooks ready and of course uploading video! For this month's tutorials we were filming at Bundeena in a gorgeous house that overlooks the national park. You may have seen it in a few of our videos.

Bundeena finals low res july (2 of 15)

Shooting over a week is always a big task, for this shoot we shot for 5 days in the week and I was on the last day, so its no surprise that I had more bloopers for my tutorial! I think I was a little frazzled by then!

Adam of course has his lovely Tupperware on set and of course after a few days of looking at that I succumbed to his sales tactics and am now a Tupperware convert!!!

Now what tutorials do I have for you?

You have all been asking for more flowers so this month we have a flower focus.

First up is Adam's Hydrangea Cake Pops, how beautiful are these? Oh and did I mention these have a strawberry cheesecake filling. oh...its to die for!

Bundeena finals low res july (9 of 15)

And then I decided to do something a little different......

I just adore sugar flowers, and I do adore the perfect beautiful ones that look so real you just can't tell that they are not! But I know that sometimes these can be a little overwhelming for a beginner and so this month I have taught you a cake that is a perfect entry into trying out wedding cakes for a novice decorator. This is my Fantasy Magnolia and Swiss Meringue Buttercream cake. Its not a botanical magnolia, its all a bit whimsical and the buttercream is the quickest finish ever! Just make sure you don't leave it in the sun!

Bundeena finals low res july (15 of 15)

If you are not a member, but want to be one so you get access to all of our awesome tutorials, it’s too easy. Just head to and join us. As soon as you’ve joined you will not only get access to this tutorial, but over 250 hours of other amazing ones as well as over 50 eBooks to download and keep.

Our membership website has been going for about a year and a half now and I think sometimes we forget about some of the earlier tutorials that we filmed! There is now over 100 different tutorials in there and with some of them running up to 5 hours long, that is a whole lot of cake decorating tuition in there for you! We have everything from basic beginner cakes right up to some amazing advanced novelty cakes. And with two new tutorials released every month, we have lots more in the pipeline!

I look forward to seeing you this month in the website and if you make a cake from one of our tutorials, make sure you show us on our Facebook page, Facebook group or tag us #lcdo on Instagram

Happy Caking!

Louise xx

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