Mirror Glaze Craze - Marble Effect!

First Step: Make Mirror Glaze

If you liked the mirror glaze cake video, you're gonna LOVE this! Watch how this decorative marble effect is achieved! What's more, this extremely professional cocoa based marble effect mirror glaze is so surprisingly easy to make! See the recipe for ingredients!


- 600 g whipped cream 35%
- 900 g sugar
- 125 g purified water 
- 30 g glucose
- 300 g cocoa powder
- 35 g gelatine sheets (bloom 150)
- 200 g neutral nappage (topping)
- 125 g extra virgin olive oil

Second Step: Master The Marble Effect Mirror Glaze

Once you're comfortable preparing the mirror glaze and you are not afraid to apply it either, you can start working on this special marble effect mirror glaze method. Basically the base glaze itself is the same, but there is another layer of coloured glaze added on top. This method works best with contrasting shades, so try bright marbles on a dark chocolate or a white mirror glaze base, or mix and match tones on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Yellow and blue, red ad green works perfectly together as a marble effect mirror glaze.

Credit: Ismail Patiss

Credit: Ismail Patiss

red marble effect mirror glaze cake
marble effect mirror glaze cake
red marble effect mirror glaze cake
green marble effect mirror glaze cake
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