This Perfect Red Mirror Glaze Is So Easy To Make

This gorgeous red raspberry mirror glaze recipe contains NO artificial coloring, only yummy raspberries. This perfect recipe of our award-winning pastry chef, Janos Kovacs guarantees that berry mirror glaze will never fail you!


How to Make Mirror Glaze Without Artificial Coloring!

This mirror glaze is the perfect choice for glazing frozen cakes, ice cream or parfais cakes or desserts. 
It can be made of any types of berries or even of forest fruit mix! 
No need for artificial coloring this mirror glaze has a gorgeous red or purple color just because of the berries!

raspberry mirror glaze recipe

These amounts are for covering a 16-portion cake

- 50 g lemon juice
- 60 g glucose
- 360 g sugar
- 200 g whipping cream (min. 30% fat , NON vegan)
- 400 g raspberry pulp (fresh or frozen)
- 20 g gelatine powder

raspberry mirror glaze

Raspberry Mirror Glaze

- If you are using frozen raspberry pulp it needs to melt before you start working with it.

- Press the raspberry pulp through a sifter to get rid of the seeds.

- Heat the raspberry puree, the glucose syrup, the suger and the whipped cream to 102 degrees celsius.

- Mix the gelatine powder with the lemon juice, let it swell and add it to the mixture when it starts simmering.

- Let it cool to 40 degrees celsius while gently keep it stirring so that no film can create on the surface.

- Pour the mirror glaze on the prefrozen cake or dessert.

Raspberry mirror glaze cake with meringue kisses on top
Raspberry mirror glaze desserts

Raspberry mirror glaze cake with berries on top

Raspberry mirror glaze cake with meringue kisses on top
Raspberry mirror glaze desserts
Raspberry mirror glaze desserts with golden flakes

Marble Effect Mirror Glaze

If you love to experiment with mirror glaze as much as we do, then you definitely need to check out this awesome mirror glaze marbling technique! You can pair up yummy dark chocolate mirror glaze with any bright color and you'll get a gorgeous contrasting color combination that will catch everyone's eye. 

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