How to Make “Noah Spreads His Love”

How to Make “Noah Spreads His Love”

How to Make “Noah Spreads His Love”

Today I am so excited to share this fabulous tutorial from the lovely Trish at Cakicature. Trish shares my love for big dogs with slobbery mouths and today her dog Noah is sharing a bit of his love around!

1. Bend a length of 18-gauge florist wire in half.

2. From the bend, twist the two halves of the wire together, about halfway.

3. Bend the two ends of the wire like this. The two ends will be the legs.

4. Wrap the body with foil.

5. Bulk it up with more foil and shape into a dog’s body.

6. Wrap with florist tape and stick a toothpick into the body to hold the head later
7. Wrap with ivory coloured fondant.

8. Bullmastiffs are deep-chested dogs so I add a fondant disc to the chest to bulk it up a bit more.

9. Roll a fondant sausage and slice in half.

10. Flatten each half a little with a rolling pin and wrap around the legs.

11. Gently rub around the legs with your fingers to smooth them out.

12. Make a small fondant ball, slice it in half and attach each half to the top of the legs to make shoulders.

13. Roll another fondant sausage and slice in half and round off edges and shape them like these.

14. Bend the fondant shape to make hind legs like these.

15. Roll another fondant ball, slice in half and form balls from each half.

16. Attach the hind legs you made in Step 14 and the two balls from Step 15 to make front paws.

17. You have now assembled the dog’s body.

18. Use your flower/leaf dresden tool and fingers to smooth and blend in the seams.

19. Your dog’s body is now nice and smooth.

20. Add a ball of fondant to make a neck.

21. Blend and smooth the seams.

22. Scrunch some foil into a ball and form a head, like this.

23. Attach a strip of fondant around the head and neck like this.

24. Blend and smooth some more.

25. All nicely blended.

26. Bullmastiffs have thick necks so I add another strip of fondant to give it that bulk.

27. After more blending and smoothing, you now have a nice thick neck.

28. Cover the head with fondant, one layer at a time.

29. Form a teardrop with brown fondant, then flatten it a bit into a triangle shape. I mix together some ivory and chocolate fondant to get this shade of brown.

30. Attach the brown fondant to the face. This is the bottom jaw.

31. Cover the rest of the muzzle with some black fondant.

32. Roll a sausage with brown fondant, then flatten it like this.

33. Attach to the top of the muzzle and curl the ends up to expose a bit of the black underneath.

34. Make two brown teardrops and flatten into triangle ears like this.

35. Attach the ears to the head at the narrow tips. Also, make a small black triangle and attach to the tip of the muzzle for the nose.

36. Shape the triangles to make them look more like ears, and position them to look like they’re flapping. Notice how i have also made a slit down the middle of the muzzle from the nose.

37. Prop up the ears until they harden sufficiently to hold the pose.

38. Using a fine ball tool or skewer, make dotted indentations on the muzzle. Shape two tiny slits from black fondant and attach to the face to make closed eyes.

39. Add a pink tongue.

40. Wrap a short piece of wire with foil.

41. Cover with fondant. This is the tail.

42. Noah is fawn coloured, so I use cream petal dust and a deer foot brush and lightly add some colour, paying attention to folds and crevices and areas of shadow.

43. Be careful when dusting. Work in layers, adding a little at a time. It is easier to add than to remove too much colour.

44. I use chocolate petal dust to darken the areas around his eyes.

45. I use aubergine petal dust to add depth to his muzzle and paws.

46. Melt a little bit of clear isomalt in a heatproof and microwaveable cup. I use a small silicone prep bowl. Isomalt burns easily so melt it in short bursts of 30 seconds, depending on your microwave. Once melted, it is very very hot so wear protective gloves.

47. Pour the melted isomalt on a heatproof silicone mat, forming a strip on the mat.

48. Once the isomalt has cooled enough to touch but while it is still pliable, lift it from the mat. You may need to wear gloves.

49. Use a blowtorch to gently “kiss” one end of each isomalt strip and quickly stick it to the mouth

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