Onions on a Cake? – Happy Junkfood Day!

Junk food is bad for you, everyone knows that. But it's soooo good! Just as good as junk food cake! So why not mix and match and make a junk food shaped cake. Get inspired by the best junk food cakes! These fondant junk food cakes look so real that you can almost feel their savoury taste, smell the french fries and hear the sizzling sound of the hamburger patty on the hot plate. But when you take a bite... OMG even better! Learn how to make a hamburger cake, watch the hamburger macaron tutorial, or just browse pictures of awesome junk food cakes like the pizza cake, coca cola can cake or the junk food cookies and cupcakes! Yummm!

Hamburger Cake 

Hamburger cakes are the ultimate classics. If you want to make them lifelike, pay attention to details like the irregularities of salad leaves and the burns and bumps on the patty. Like a real burger, they should also come with fondant fries and onion rings.

Junkfood Hamburger

Hamburger cake by Andrea's Sweetcakes

Junkfood Burger and Poteto

Hamburger cake with egg sunny side by Ritzy Couture Cake

Junkfood Hamburger Macaron

How to Make Hamburger Macarons by Learn Cake Decorating Online

Pizza Cake 

Italian cuisine has always been popular but when pizza cakes were invented cake lovers went crazy about them. Pizza cakes come in sets, slices and even in boxes and they are so lifelike only the sweet, sugary smell gives their secret away. You can also give pizza cakes a go if you buy the fun Pizza Cake Mastercourse with the fabulous Molly Robbins.

Junkfood Pizza Slices

Slice Pizza Cakes by Timbo

Junkfood Pizza with Melted Cheese

 Melted Cheese Pizza Cake by Timbo

Pizza cake class by Molly Robbins

Pizza cake class by Molly Robbins

Junkfood Pizza in the Box

Boxed Pizza Cake by Pa'Komerte

Coca Cola Cake

Junkfood Coca Cola Cake

Coke Can Cake

Junkfood Coke in Bottle

Coca Cola Bottle Cake

Popcorn Cake

Junkfood with Apple

Circus Treats and Popcorn Cake

Junkfood Popcorn

Popcorn Cupcakes by Blessedbycaking

Beer Bottle Cake and Barbecue Cake

Wanna make a cake for a real man? What else would be more suitable for hubbies and dads than a beer bottle cake or a barbecue cake? Learn how to make this gravity defying beer bottle cake online!

Junkfood in the Grill

BBQ Cake by Sassy and Sweet

Beer Bottle Cake

Beer Bottle Cake

Sandwich Cake

Junfood Bagette

Subway Sandwich Cake by Sassy and Sweet

Junkfood Sandwich

Sandwich Cake 

Junkfood Chips

Crisp Cake by Sugar Dreams Cakes and Things

The Ultimate Junk Food Cake

Real junk food lover? Unable to choose? These magnificient junk food cakes take cake decorating to another level. Not only do they look absolutely life like, but they are gigantic, yet perfectly balanced and super-yummy inside.

The ultimate junk food cake

The ultimate junk food cake

Ice cream topped junk food cake

Ice cream topped junk food cake

McDonald's Junk Food Cake

McDonald's Junk Food Cake

If you want to see more cakes with deceiving looks check out these vanilla ice cream cakes. 

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