I’m Not Gonna Sugarcoat It – Business is damn hard work

Its time to get real. As much as we work in the world of sugar there is no sugar coating it and it sure as hell is not served on a silver platter.

If you run a business, generally you have the goal of success in your mind. Now keep in mind success can mean many different things to people but for the purpose of todays post lets define success as turning a profit in your business and having a sustainable business.

To be honest, in this cake world, I hear alot of complaining. And I don't really like to say that, but today I am going to say it. I hear alot of people complaining that they are not getting paid what they believe they deserve. And most often I hear this from people who have just entered the industry, perhaps after taking a few courses or classes.

Now, don't get me wrong, I see some decorators who can make a better cake after their second try than I could after a lifetime of practice and learning, some decorators are just that talented, but sometimes, I also see those wildly talented decorators not earning enough to feed a pet mouse.

I also see, by artistic standards, quite average decorators generating a great income. So what is the difference?

_The only time success comes before work

In the case of many artistic people, it is not that they are not working hard enough. Often they work harder than anyone else, it is often that they have not worked as hard on the other skills that they need in their business. Perhaps marketing, accounting, business strategy and management etc.

In the case of the less artistically inclined...perhaps they have focused equally on marketing, accounting, business strategy and management.

The harsh reality of todays world is that passion and talent are not enough. You need to be the awesome at your business in order to succeed. Creatively AND strategically. You need to be flexible and move with the times. There is not a single industry on the planet that is not evolving and changing and those that do not evolve and change will as the law of nature would have it....die.

We live today in a world of the startup, of internet millionaires and in an age of instant gratification. And it seems in an age where it is ok to expect to have a thriving profitable business with average cake decorating skills, zero business experience, only a few short months in the game and little to no knowledge of the industry.

We all have to start somewhere. But I urge you, if you are considering starting a cake decorating business or any other business for that matter, take your time to learn the industry, refine your craft, seek help with any areas in business you may be unsure of and allow yourself time to immerse yourself in your business whilst keeping your eyes open. Any business will chew up not only your financial resources but one of the most important resources you have. Your time.

If you have a passion, follow it. But don't expect your passion to automatically equate to success. Motivational speakers love to tell you.....follow your passion and the money will follow. Don't fall for this. Take responsibility for your own destiny. Follow your passion, but upskill, learn, get advice and then work hard. Then and only then will the money and rewards will follow.

Louise is the founder of Learn Cake Decorating Online and runs the online course Start Your Cake Business

To find out more about starting a cake business take a look here http://www.learncakedecoratingonline.com/online-courses/start-your-cake-business/

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