How to Pipe in Chocolate

How to Pipe in Chocolate

How to Pipe in Chocolate

Create easy decorations for cakes by piping chocolate onto non-stick acetate or baking paper. Super quick, easy and effective!

1. Fill a piping bag with tempered chocolate and snip off the tip.(If you want more instructions on tempering your chocolate see our easy tempering guide)

If you don’t know how to make a piping bag from baking paper, check out our blog post here.

2. Slowly and steadily draw any shape you like with the chocolate onto your sheet or silicone mat.

3. For more complicated designs or consistent shapes, draw a template onto a piece of paper.

4. Place this on baking tray and cover with a sheet of baking paper or a piece clear acetate so that you can follow the lines.

5. Leave until completely set, or place in the fridge for 10 minutes to set faster so that it’s hard enough to peel off the acetate.

6. When your shapes are ready, carefully lift off with a palette knife and place onto your iced cake.

Once you get your practice up, you will find you get really fast and your shapes start to look rather perfect! Its been a little while since I piped chocolate and I was feeling a bit rusty!

When I was doing my Chocolate Production certificate, my teacher gave me a great tip. He would keep a piping bag filled with chocolate in the fridge and then microwave it whenever he needed to write quickly on a cake. This won’t work with couverture chocolate but no probs using compound chocolate for this job! Its perfect to write on a cheesecake, a simple ganached cake or any other patisserie cake.

If you want some filigree templates for piping chocolate you can but them here For my letters I used a script in the back of one of my favourite books The Art of Royal Icing: A Unique Guide to Cake Decoration by Eddie Spence

This book is expensive but really is the go to book for all things piping.

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