Happy Gummy Worm Day, 15th July!

Happy International Gummy Worm Day! Learn how to make a gummy worm dirt cake - recipe at the bottom- and browse awesome gummy worm dirt cake ideas! If you want to make your own gummy worms at home we also have an idea for that! Gummy worm cupcakes? We have you covered! 😉

Gummy Worm Infested Mini Cupcakes

Not like my mouth started to water looking at these cupcakes. I have an utter phobia of wiggly worms due to a childhood encounter with one cherry-dwelling one. Having said that, these are a great idea for a halloween party, a casual gag or for a hamster owner. They look deliciously chocolaty though and I guess those gummy worms might add a bit of a texture. Just. Don't. Think. About. Them.

Bait Bucket Dirt Cake

Dirt cake with a twist. And turn. And wiggle. Looking way more fun then disgusting this bait bucket cake is a perfect birthday surprise for any passionate fishing enthusiast. I'm not sure fish are actually fond of gummy worms, but let us know your results if you ever decide to try. I certainly love fish cakes and fish themed chocolate cakes too.

Gummy Worm Stacked Cookies

Not even the worms - gummy or not - can deter me from wanting to take a bite into these yummy looking stacked cookies. That cream filling is so tempting and the cookies themselves look deliciously caramelized and full of crunch. 

Party Fishing Rods

So simple yet so creative! Who didn't like the cute fishing games in our childhood birthday parties?
Not sure what you might be fishing for with these, though. Any ideas?

Wiggly Bubbly Drink

Struggling with the drink pairing? You need something quick and simple complementing the sweetness of the cake but matching the fun design? We've got you covered! Just pour bubbly mineral water in a nice serving bottle. Drop a couple of leftover worms in it. Done.

Brownies with a twist

Decorating with kids? Here is a mess-free, still fun to do solution for you! Just roll out some bright colored fondant. Cut it into squares double the size of your pre-made brownie slices. Slap the icing casually around the brownies. Pop some sour worms on top. You can even poke them through the icing, or just cut them in half and pretend they go through it. Kids will love to assist while you keep your sanity. You're welcome. 


Another fun and easy recipe this one for the hot days. Fill your popsicle mold with your usual mix or just plain lemonade, but make sure you only use about half to two thirds the usual amount of liquid. Pop some gummy worms inside and lay them flat in the freezer. Wait a couple of hours. Serve. The gummy worms give your usual popsicles a nice chewy texture while having the same cooling effect.

Home Made Jelly Worms

Are you the kind of person who wants to know what goes into their food? Do you love to make treats from scratch or even their healthy versions? This one is for you. Prepare your own jelly - healthy or otherwise - pack straws into a cup and secure them with a rubber band. Pour in jelly carefully. Once it's all set, rinse with warm water to release the jelly worms from their straws. Try to use sustainable straws when you can!

Virgin Mezcal With Even More Virgin Worms

If you've ever encountered the typical Mexican specialty - mezcal with worms - it must have made an impression. Some people find it fun and exotic, some think it's utterly disgusting. If you are hosting a Mexican themed party but are put off by actual worms, why not try this mock mezcal design lemonade?

Fishing Pole Treats

Who doesn't like the light and crunchy waffle rolls with the nutty cream filling? They are just as much an all time favorite as the red licorice laces and gummy worms. I'm not sure about how these flavors go together though. What do you think?

The Bad Apple

As bad this apple is it must taste just as good. My personal favorite is the fluffy filling on top. If you're into apple cakes, you'll love it anyway.

Rest In Peace

We might believe various thing of what happens to our soul after death, but one thing is for sure: our bodies will decompose at some point. This grim reality is portrayed in this creative shot glass desert.

Tea For Kids

Are you looking for a kids friendly, quick and easy, still decorative tea party idea! You've just found it! All you need is muffins, bright colored cupcake icing, gummy worms and jellies and colorful sprinkles.

Edible Mini Plants Complete  With Edible Dirt, Rocks And Gummy Worms

For 16 “plants” (16 plastic cups that fit into 16 4-inch pots)


1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese, room temperature
2 1/2 cups milk
2 boxes of vanilla instant pudding (2.8 oz. each)
1 teaspoon orange/lemon zest
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups heavy cream, whipped with 2 tablespoons of sugar to between soft and firm peaks
2 boxes (16 oz. each) oreo* style cookies

For decoration:

16 sprigs of mint or any herb/edible flowers you have
16 plants tags
gummy worms
gummy mice (I put those at the bottoms of each cup, hidden by cookie crumbs)
chocolate “rocks”


To prepare the pudding: In a mixer bowl, beat the cream cheese until it's smooth, then add milk, pudding powder, lemon zest, vanilla and mix. Pour the mix  into a bowl and put it in the fridge to firm it up a bit. Then, gently fold the whipped cream with the chilled pudding.

Grind the cookies in a food processor until finely crumbled and look like dirt.

Assemble the cakes: Place a layer of the cookie mix in the bottom of the cup, add a few spoonfuls of the pudding cream, and then another layer of cookie crumbs. Repeat with the other cups.

Chill for a few hours. Decorate with gummy worms, herbs and/or flowers.

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