Truly Fantastic Beasts of Rose Macefield

Monstrous T-rexes, larger than life superheroes and fantastic beasts. You might know her from one of the LCDO tutorials or you might have seen one of her amazing cakes before. Rose Macefield is the ultimate cake artist, hailing from Birmingham, who never ceases to amaze. Rose always dreams up extraordinary cake designs which make the visitors of Cake International swoon with awe.

Having said that,  we checked out her latest creations at Cake International 2016 and we have some photos to blow your mind. Her cakes were inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts as well as her Harry Potter books. This time she brought six sweet creatures of the brand new Harry Potter movie "alive" in the form of her Fantastic Beasts Cake Installation. 


Rose Macefield is a great fan of J. K. Rowling's literature and she can't wait for the new movie Fantastic Beast's And Where To Find Them to come out in the theaters. As she loves the magical creatures of Rowling, she decided to populate her exhibitor's area with a Goblin, a Niffler, an Occamy, a Demiguise a Phoenix and some Bowtruckles. No idea what these little fellas are? Well, watch the video and find out... 🙂 

If you haven’t heard about Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts, make sure to check out the trailer. The upcoming movie is featuring artists such as Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Colin Farrell, Ezra Miller, or Zoe Kravitz. Besides all that, the film is promising to be an epic visual adventure. So no wonder Rose saw inspiration in the feathered and furry creatures! She also thoroughly enjoyed reading about them in her favorite author’s works. It takes time to summon these sweet Fantastic Beasts to life, but we have some good news! Much of the planning is the longest part. So let us tip our caking hats to Rose who has done that all.

Rose Macefield Fantastic Beasts Cakes

Guts, skin and bones

Now let us give you a tour of this edible zoo full of things like Nifflers, Occamys, Demiguises, Phoenixes and a Gangster Goblin too!  These fellas might be called beast, but they’re really soft on the inside. If you are a fantastic beast cake, your bones are hard like metal. Despite that your flesh is chewy as rice crispy treats and your skin is sweet as sugar paste. Rose let us in on a few secrets. She was telling us that some of the more vertical creations have internal structures. Though if you check out our photos or the video itself, you can find out which ones can be done without any support.  

Rose Macefield Fantastic Beasts Red Phoenix


Ever wondered how long it takes for these amazing creatures to come alive? What is the process that takes longest for the cake artist to finish? Although Rose is one of the fastest-working cake artists, it still took her four weeks to finish all six beasts. Watch the video to find out which fantastic beast cake took the most time to make.

Rose Macefield Fantastic Beasts Niffler

The Occamy took the longest time to create: according to Rose it took 3 whole days, not to mention the four weeks of planning beforehand. Here’s one tip from a master caker: if you’re venturing to build something so spectacular, make sure to get the base ready first.


Though Rose is a very experienced cake artist and exhibitor, she continuously challenges herself and with challenge there come mistakes and accidents almost inevitably. Cakes tip over, beasts fall flat on there faces. It's comforting to know that cake decorating is a never-ending learning curve and not even the biggest names are exempt from having to face their cake nightmares.  Oh, also: if you’re transporting such beasts on the road, thread lightly on the gas as it can be quite tricky to remove the splattered beasts from the nooks and crannies of the dashboard. Watch Rose talk about one of her moments with those cheeky beasts...

Rose Macefield Fantastic Beasts Goblin

Is that Dobby from Harry Potter, you ask? Why yes there he is! While not a Fantastic Beast himself, Dobby is the favorite Rowling character of Rose, so she couldn’t just not build this little guy who turned out to be one of the best of her creations.

Rose Macefield Fantastic Beasts Gangster Goblin

Also, check out this grumpy looking goblin-fella, complete with a cigar stub and some old newspapers all made from sweetness. Gotta love the creases on his vest as well, check out that texture, it looks like your grandpa’s finest wool sweater isn’t it?

What's next?

Rose is full of plans for the future, she has seriously taken on teaching and travelling for 2017. Find out if she is going to be in your area. She is talking about all the locations in the video. Don't worry if she is not visiting your hometown though. If you want to surprise your family with some similar beasts or want to learn some cake-mastery from Rose Macefield, you can always do so on  Learn Cake Decorating Online.

Rose Macefield Fantastic Beasts Goblins
Rose Macefield with Cakerschool editor Betti
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