Don’t You DARE to Touch My Cake!

This adorable puppy thinks she is entitled to have that cake. Yes. ALL of it. She gets absolutely outraged about her dad trying to touch her cake. To be completely honest... we kind of can relate, right? 

The Video

The video is showing a doggy, - probably a jack russel - growling at the hand reaching out to a cake with an index finger pointed out. She gets even more outraged when the finger then dips into the cake and turns at her. At this point I have to admit I feared for the safety of that finger. As the finger approaches the scary teeth the growling intensifies... Surprisingly, when the finger covered in chocolate cream filling eventually touches her lips, the doggo from hell turns into a tame cutie and licks the cream from the finger, only to transform back into a killer a moment later.

cute jack russel dog protects cake

The Body Language

While humans primarily use their voice to communicate, dogs mainly rely on body language when trying to tell us - and each other - what is going on with them. When trying to decode dog communication and body language it's important to observe the entire dog along with the situation. 

cute jack russel dog protects cake

The Cake

The cake in the video looks like a yummy tiramisu cake. This typical Italian delicacy is based on sponge cake soaking in coffee and covered in mascarpone-based cream. 

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