Copyright Laws and Cake Decorators

My client has asked for a Mickey Mouse Cake. Can I make this and sell it?

Copyright Laws and Cake Decorators! This is a hot topic of conversation and in this modern age with social media sharing there is more than one cake decorator who has found themselves innocently o the wrong side of the law.

This is a question that I get asked about all the time, and unfortunately the answer is not one that most cake decorators want to hear.
The short answer is no. If you sell a cake for profit of a copyrighted character, logo or other, then you are in breach of copyright law. I know what you are thinking. “But everyone does it and gets away with it!” This may be true, however, in today’s modern digital age, there are no assurances that once you post that image on Facebook, that the wrong person may see it and you might face legal action. I am not a lawyer but I did find one to interview for you.

Are you a cake decorator unsure of how Copyright Law affects you? This interview from founder of Learn Cake Decorating Online with lawyer Helen Duckham will help to answer all your questions on Copyright laws and Cake Decorators

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