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The Swan Lake Ballerina Cake
Meet A True Heroine Of Cakers Swan lake cake? Who thinks of such a magical thing?Emma Jayne is one of[...]
An edible coffee table for your home? Rhianydd Webb knows how to do it!
Rhianydd Webb And Her Friends From Inside The Faraway Tree Rhianydd Webb puts the sweetness in caking. She is truly an adorable[...]
Cake International 2016: just W.O.W.!
Cake International 2016 Birmingham: just W.O.W.!The créme de la créme of the caking world descended on Birmingham for this year’s[...]
Fantastic Beasts of Harry Potter by Rose Macefield
Truly Fantastic Beasts of Rose MacefieldMonstrous T-rexes, larger than life superheroes and fantastic beasts. You might know her from one[...]
Gravity Defying Rose Cake – WOW!
Rose Cake vs. Cake Decorated with Fondant Rose Aren't all rose cakes created equal though? Confusing, right? You already know[...]
The Taste of Music – 10 Question-Interview with Deborah Harwood
An extremely versatile talent, the "The Crazy Foxy Redhead" is a lovely chatterbox.Deb is an accomplished part time cake decorator,[...]
10 Question-Interview with Rhianydd Webb
Dragons and Daffodils - The Magical World Of Rhianydd Webb  When you are washing the face of an imaginary character,[...]
10 Question-Interview with Sonja Weed
"I never want to see a chick again in my life!" It might be down to her passion that she got[...]
10-Question-Interview with Zeph Storr
More love, less stress and read the rules a thousand times! - says Zeph Storr who won a silver medal and[...]
10-Question-Interview with Lucie Velechovská
​Literally the most colorful contestant Lucie Velechovská took home a gold medal and 2nd place in Class A: International Class at Cake International[...]
10-Question-Interview with Claire Anderson
​"Feel the fear - but do it anyway" says Claire Anderson who won gold medal and 1st place in Class[...]
10-Question-Interview with Karen Keaney
​Eve, the Elvish Queen's creator Karen Keaney scored a gold medal and a second place in Class J: A Decorative Exhibit[...]
Cake International London – Part 2: The Cake Show
Nothing can bring back the experience, the sights, the smell, the vibe, but we tried to give you a glimpse[...]
Cake International London 2016 at Alexandra Palace
Breathtaking, men-sized cakes, zillion hours of work, sweet smell of sugar and incredibly lovely people. All this at an amazing[...]
Behind The Scenes of an LCDO Tutorial shoot
Behind The Scenes of an LCDO Tutorial shoot Behind The Scenes of an LCDO Tutorial shootAfter a huge week filming[...]