Cake International London – Part 2: The Cake Show

Nothing can bring back the experience, the sights, the smell, the vibe, but we tried to give you a glimpse of it by shooting a couple of quick videos about the most important exhibits and chat a bit about the process with the creators. 

Our first interview gives you a glimpse into the incredible Cake Carnival which was a circus themed tent of three different sections filled with circus figurines brought to live by the collaboration of a group of 25 supertalented cakers. The different sections showcased all the classic roles in a circus from the acrobats to the fortuneteller. Rhu Strand the creator of the dolls and figurines of the magical world of bedtime stories and fairytales talks about Sugar Show Production's circus and his Roger. But who is Roger? Watch the video to find out... 😉

In our second interview I talked to Rose Macefield about her Batman vs. Superman exhibit, she revealed some literally "insider" information on these two big guy's "guts" and we also talked about her ongoing projects and her book. 

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