The Big Slice 14th August 2014 – the latest tips, tricks and tutorials in the world of cake

The Big Slice 14th August 2014 – the latest tips, tricks and tutorials in the world of cake

Good Morning Cakers!

This has been a huge week on social media with a few cakey stories and techniques that have just gone nuts. So here’s to whats hot in the online space this week.

1. HOW TO BAKE BIG CAKES – Baking Tips for Big Cakes
The questions we get asked so often are ….
How do I bake a large cake, so that the inside is cooked and the outside isn’t overcooked ?
How do I prevent my cake doming and cracking?
How do I get a high cake?
Tenting, Baking strips and's everything you need to know!

Mixing Cake Ingredients Mixer Bowl

2. Fondant Arms, hands and fingernails!

Do you have difficulty with making fondant arms, hands and fingernails? So do lots of other people it seems! This post received nearly 50 000 views on our Facebook page so you are in good company! We found this via Cake Decorating Tutorials. Originally from Querido Refugio tutorials and .

10527797_929170037100528_6347380374868669619_n 10533263_929170237100508_8584930270319216135_n

3. Two Toned Candy Clay Ribbons
This gorgeous technique from Wilton is so easy.


4. Noah Spreads his love!

A new step by step tutorial from Trish at Cakiture showing you step by step just how to create the cutest slobbery dog ever!

Trish (57 of 57)

4. Square Cupcake Cases!

Square cupcake cases and muffin cases. Have you seen them yet? Available on Ebay. These are just gorgeous and make such a nice change from round. Have a look at these cuties.

Thats it from me this week...I am off to prep for a huge week of filming next week. Would you believe we are already filming our tutorials for Christmas! It comes around just so quickly!

Louise xx

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