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At Learn Cake Decorating Online, we bring you the best of what the cake world has to offer. Great news stories from around the globe and locally, extraordinary work, amazing tutorials, helpful hints and tips – and of course posts to inspire you. It’s all here, look no further. Here’s what’s trending this week.

Red Velvet Brownies – Rated in the 10 Decadent Red Velvet desserts.


Everyone loves a brownie, but no one can resist a red velvet brownie it seems. This bite size version of the classic red velvet cake is divine. Top it with cream cheese frosting for the ultimate snack. You wont be able to stop at one.

Edible Glitter the easy way – to make your cake shine.


This technique is really taking off in a huge way. From wedding cakes to party cakes, this simple but effective technique makes your cake really sparkle (no pun intended). Easy, economical and fast. What’s not to love?

Jell-o Marshmallow Fondant – promises to taste great.


The majority of us use the pre made fondant because it’s so quick, easy and convenient. However, we are always asked for easy alternatives and we found it for you right here. Marshmallow Fondant made with Jell-o. No need to colour it either, plus it promises to taste great. Win win all ‘round.

Edible Wrappers Just Solved the Only Bad Thing About Cupcakes


If cupcakes are one of the worlds most edible and lets face it – perfect foods then thanks to new edible wafers, they just got made even more perfect. Yes edible papers are now a thing. You don’t even need to use a cupcake tray for support, just pour the batter in and eat the cupcake paper and all afterwards. Plus the wrappers are gluten free – does it get any better? We think not.

Rainbow Layer Cake – Have you tried it yet?

Yes, rainbow layer cake is the latest trend, but following these trends isn’t always the easiest thing. Especially if you’re not an experienced baker. So we found the easiest and best recipe for you right here. Perfect for birthday parties or any occasion that you require multiple coloured layers, like sporting events or even a baby shower and you’re not sure of the gender. A very versatile cake.

Thats it! This weeks wrap! What did you see on the web this week that you loved?

Louise xx

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