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 When you are washing the face of an imaginary character, you know you are a cake contestant... 🙂
Her amazing dedication to creating figures with minute details was worth a gold medal and 3rd place in Class J: A Decorative Exhibit at Cake International London 2016.
Rhianydd's support for fellow cakers is nothing less than exemplery.

Thank you Rhianydd!

How long have you been decorating?

I started Dragons & Daffodils in 1999.

What is your speciality, what exactly are you best at or love doing when it comes to decorating, why?

I like anything wild and nature-based, especially with lots of tiny details and even more so if it has a touch of fantasy/magic about it. I don't mind whether that is a cake or sugar flowers or model figures, I just like being able to get my teeth into a piece.

What is your favourite technique, medium, why?

My favourite technique is half and half between figure modelling and sugar flowers. It was flowers that inspired me to start cake decorating. I found one of Tombi Pecks books and I couldn't believe that could be done in sugar. Then Debbie Browns books with her incredible models meant even though I was terrible at models, I was determined to get better.

What is the activity that you hate doing as a decorator?

Oh definitely baking, torting and covering. I just want to play with the creative side of my job. Equally so if I am teaching, the lessons just fly by watching someone else create.

Why did you start competing?

I started competing again at Cake International November 2014 to see what stage my work was at. I had had the business for 15 years and wanted to push myself to do better and to get feedback to see what I could improve on.

Why did you pick this particular design for your competition entry?

I watched the film "Maleficent" and absolutely fell in love with this character, but when I started researching, there weren't any decent images other than concept art so I pulled bits from the film and bits from the concept art to make him.

Rhianydd Webb Mr Chanterelle white background
Rhianydd Webb Mr Chanterelle

What was the hardest part in creating it?

The size was a challenge. I love the small decorative exhibit category so that I can create miniatures but I knew this piece had to be a couple of feet tall to get the detail in. Knowing he had to get to London on those skinny little legs was the biggest challenge, but it worked! There was no damage after the 4 hour drive.

What was the funniest story that has to do with this competition?

Probably the silliest part of his creation was washing his face because I wanted to alter the colour. I was so relieved to find from other competitors that they do the same. So reassuring chatting about your competition pieces as we all go through the same thing.

What was your favourite entry other than yours?

Oh now you have me as I have a huge list! I was so excited to come third to Dawn Butler and Karen Keaney as both of their pieces were incredible, and I just couldn't stop staring at Jong Youl Lees absolutely incredible sugar flower entry. Oops! That is three. Honestly, I could keep going, so many people inspire me with their competition entries.

What is your advice to aspiring cake contestants?

Go for it! Don't hold back from entering because you don't think you will get a gold, just enter! Do the best that you can do, don't worry how you compare to anybody else, it is all about working to improve your own work. Get your feedback most importantly, a jobs list is fantastic in helping you grow as a sugarcrafter. Make sure you read the schedule carefully and email if you are unsure. It is so sad seeing wonderful pieces disqualified because they didn't measure their piece or use posy pics.

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